Tallinn offers youth various online activities for the spring break

Today marks the start of the spring break, but due to the ongoing emergency situation, all students should stay at home and avoid contact with others. Tallinn’s youth centres, hobby schools, museums and many other instutions offer a variety of activities which one can engage in without going outside.

Deputy Mayor Mr Vadim Belobrotsev said that all students enjoying spring break must not forget to follow the measures of emergency situation put in place by the government. „The distance learning has lasted for over a month now and it is understandable that the students would like to meet up with their friends, especially during the recess, but the virus is still spreading and the best way to protect the health of yourself and your loved ones is to stay home,“ said Belobrovtsev. „The youth workers, hobby schools, museums and other organisations of Tallinn give their best to make sure that the children and youngsters have interesting activities to engage in for the duration of the emergency situation.“

The Deputy Mayor added that all of Tallinn’s youth centres have organised their work so that they have been available via social media since the beginning of the emergency situation. For ecample, Tallinn Central Library made its e-books freely available for everyone and continus to host various activities via online channels. „There are many activities that can be tried via online channels and the school break is a great time to get to know the options of having interesting leisure time activities,“ added Belobrovtsev.

More info on the spring break activities taking place online can be found in the Noortheinfo website – in Estonian and in Russian. Information on the Tallinn Central Library’s new services can be found here