Tallinn provides COVID-19 patients with transportation from hospital to home

If needed, the Tallinn Social and Health Care Board, in cooperation with the capital's hospitals and ambulances, will ensure that COVID-19 patients are safely transported home from the medical institution.

The city offers a transport service for a patient diagnosed with COVID-19 who has been treated in inpatient care, and whose medical condition allows further treatment to be continued at home. In order to help healthcare institutions cope with the growing number of patients with coronary heart disease, Tallinn Ambulance offers a transport option for those COVID-19 patients who are discharged from the hospital, but they can still transmit the virus.

Ambulance provides the service if the patient does not have the opportunity to go home from the hospital by personal transport. In this way, the city tries to avoid the possible risk of patients becoming infected in public transport or taking a taxi home.

The transport service is ordered from Tallinn Ambulance by the doctor who discharges the patient from the hospital, and the Social and Health Care Board pays for the service. The service is provided regardless of age to residents of Tallinn and Harju County with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis who need a transport service from hospital to home.

The city also offers accommodation for employees of Tallinn hospitals working with COVID-19 positive patients, whose household includes members of a family at risk, who have not suffered from the disease or have not been vaccinated. Accommodation is also offered to colleagues from other parts of Estonia who have come to the aid of hospitals and need temporary accommodation in Tallinn. The aim of this measure is to reduce the risk of the spread of infection in the families of colleagues who work with COVID-19 patients.

The city also offers accommodation to those employees of the Iru care home who are healthy and whose place of residence is further away from Tallinn or need to be away from their family to maintain their health.