Tallinn relaunches mask-wearing campaign

Tallinn restarted a two-week campaign, which asks the residents and visitors of the city to wear a mask and keep a safe distance.

„The spread of the coronavirus is epidemic in Tallinn, this means that there is a good chance that one might get in contact with the possible carrier of the Covid-19 virus, especially in crowded areas. By wearing a mask, you are not only protecting yourself, but others as well. We have reached a point where everyone needs to make an effort in order to protect the community,” said the mayor Mihhail Kõlvart. 

„Therefore, we decided to reactivate the social campaign of wearing a mask - we are asking everyone to keep their distance and wear a mask in crowded places, indoors and especially in public transport, “said Kõlvart.

In addition to public transport and outdoor screens in the city space, the mask campaign will also reach the bus stops and is visible by the major roads entering the city. JCDecaux, the city’s partner, supports the campaign. The leading outdoor media company will partially cover the costs related to the production and display of posters and provides free use of the digital screens along the main highways.

Besides the outdoor spaces, the campaign will also run in Tallinn’s public transport. All public transport vehicles already have a voice notification with a call to wearing a mask in three languages. Citizens are also reminded of the need to wear a mask via leaflets carrying the message “Thank you for wearing a mask” on board public transport. Close to 40 buses, trams and trolleys also have a mask sticker in front of the vehicle in order to attract more attention.

As a part of a pilot project, four public transport vehicles have been fitted with non-contact disinfectant dispensers to identify their usability and demand. More than 50 TLT employees ensure that all public transport vehicles are kept clean, the contact surfaces are cleaned at least twice a day. Ozonised water is used for cleaning, which keeps the surfaces free of germs up to 24 hours.