Tallinn’s Park & Ride system won the first place at the International competition

Park & Ride ticket system by Tallinn city and Estonian company Ridango were recognised with the first prize at the international competition.

Tallinn City Transport Department and Estonian company Ridango that is developing smart public transportation systems won an award for the best ticket system operator at the prestigious Transport Ticketing & Passenger Information Global Awardscompetition. 

The Park & Ride extension for the ticket sales system,whichis used in the Tallinn City public transportation and that provides a right to park and use public transportation free of charge without depending the residence of the vehicle owner, were recognized at the award ceremony in London. 

The world’s leading major companies were among the nominees at the global event of transport awards. “Tallinn City Transport Department has been a very innovative client,” said Erki Lipre, the company’s executive manager. “In cooperation with Transport Department we have constantly improved the Tallinn City ticket system, extended its use and offered the customers increasingly comfortable possibilities.” 

According to Tiit Laiksoo, the leading specialist of the ticket system of Tallinn City Transport Department, Ridango has developed an innovative ticket system which structure makes possible to extend the system to other areas. “Ridango has successfully helped us to extend the use of the ticket sales system to other areas important for our city, and the good example of this is the solution of Park & Ride,” said Laiksoo. 

Ridango, formerly named as Ühendatud Piletite ASand established in 2009 in Tallinn, is a fast-developing Estonian technology company that works with developing the ticket and payment solution for public transportation and creating functional real-time information systems.