Tallinn's Geoportal Is Now Available in English

Sharing data with different users is getting more and more important in today’s world. Tallinn Urban Planning Department has assembled all Tallinn’s spatial data in Tallinn geoportal that is now also available in English.

Data is considered the most valuable resource and the oil of the 21. century. We can look at the geoportal as a filling station, where every citizen and enterpreneur can choose the data they are interested in. One can find both up to date maps of today’s Tallinn and historic maps, the old town’s 3D model and panorama photographs of church spires and sightseeing places in old town. Our aim is always to provide high quality data that is easy and fast to find and use.
The data in the geoportal is divided into three different groups:
Applications – find a suitable application to view or download data;
Maps – collection of maps ready for download or print;
Spatial data –Tallinn’s open spatial data for further processing, analyzes or design.

Ave Kargaja, the head of Geoinformatics and Cartography Unit of Tallinn Urban Planning Department and promoter of geoportal encourages the users: „As for all service providers, the opinion of users is highly valued. We hope everybody shares their user experience and expectations for the future on the geoportal feedback page. We are especially thankful for exmples of the data usage and also for suggestions on what kind of data, functionalities and applications people wish to find in geoportal in the future.“
Tallinn Urban Planning Department shares its gratitude towards the promoters and city institutions whose cooperation for developing the data, applications and maps in the geoportal has been highly valuable.

Everybody is welcome to visit the geoportal at https://tallinn.ee/eng/geoportal/