Tallinn’s international guests were impressed with our smart city solutions and the Pollinator Highway

This week Tallinn hosted the European Green Capital (EGC) Troika network meeting. 14 guests from Lahti and Grenoble visited Tallinn to learn about our plans for the European Green Capital year 2023. There have been regular meetings online, but this was the first time the three cities network met in real life.

Tallinn joined the network at the beginning of this year and has been looking forward to showing our partners Tallinn’s flagship projects of European Green Capital 2023.

“We are pleased show you the preparations for our green capital year and the emerging greenery of our beautiful city. We also have great interest to hear about the achievements of Lahti and Grenoble during your year of the green capital,” said Tallinn’s Deputy Mayor Mr. Vladimir Svet at the welcome lunch.

The day continued with a discussion on the network’s future and projects – how to improve and develop cooperation, moderated by Tallinn’s Executive Director of European Green Capital 2023 Mrs. Krista Kampus.

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„Lahti’s and Grenoble’s achievements as the European Green Capital are an important example for Tallinn. We all have the same goal – to make our cities greener, more resilient and a better living environment. The European Green Capitals Network has a crucial role in achieving the European climate and Green Deal objectives, and we aim to strengthen cooperation between cities within the network. I am looking forward to working together towards this joint goal,“ Mrs. Kampus said.

Officials from Tallinn’s Strategy Office gave our guests an overview of Tallinn's long-term strategic view of the city's green transition and sustainable development, the developments of Tallinn's human-friendly and nature-valuing urban space, and our digital solutions of the smart city and cooperation with entrepreneurs and universities.

Self-driving bus at TalTech University

The next morning the guests went on a bus tour around Tallinn, visiting Kopli 93 community center and the University TalTech, riding the self-driving bus around the campus and seeing the Pollinator Highway and Noblessner area.

Tallinn’s international guests were most impressed with our smart city solutions and the Pollinator Highway. "You have many interesting digital smart city solutions projects going on. It is good that you have been able to use it to develop the sustainability of the city. With digitization, you have come a long way,” EGC 2021 Lahti’s Environmental Director Mrs. Elina Ojala said. She added that it is very important for European Green Capital cities to be able to share their experiences.

Self-driving bus at TalTech University

Mrs. Laure Vial Boni, EGC 2022 Grenoble’s EGC Agency Program coordinator emphasized Tallinn’s green and blue areas. For her, one of the most interesting and impressive places in Tallinn was the linearpark connecting several Tallinn’s districts the Pollinator Highway and the Noblessner area – opening the sea to locals and the city to the sea.

Mrs. Kadri Kopli, Head of Partnerships at Tallinn European Green Capital 2023 was delighted about the positive feedback from our guests. „The aim of our network meeting was to get acquainted and build relations that will be the bases for successful future cooperation. This was a good first step towards this goal,” she said.

The European Green Capital Troika Network consists of the former, current, and next European Green Capital city. In 2022 Lahti, Grenoble and Tallinn are the members. The three cities will meet again in June in Grenoble.

See clip about the visit in Tallinn News and read from pealinn.ee.