Tallinn's participatory budget received 420 ideas, 99 of which will go to a referendum

Tallinn's participatory budget expert committee evaluated all 420 ideas that were submitted to the project. 99 out of all ideas will go to the referendum in January. From 22nd of December to 18th of January, there will be presentations and public hearings for the ideas that have passed the expert committee.

Summaries of the 99 ideas that will be at the referendum will be published on December 22nd on the participatory budget's webpage. In the referendum, Kesklinn will have 18, Lasnamäe and Kristiine both 16, Põhja-Tallinn 13, Haabersti 12, Nõmme 11, Mustamäe 8 and Pirita 5 ideas. The referendum will take place after the presentations and public hearings, from 18th to 31st of January.

The mayor of Tallinn, Mihhail Kõlvart would like to thank all the citizens who submitted their ideas and therefore contributed to enhancing the urban living environment. „The submitted ideas clearly expressed the community's needs, which primarily support the development of the urban environment, value leisure time and sporting opportunities. We also would like to acknowledge those citizens who thought about not only how to improve the everyday problems, but also about how the urban space could be more attractive to our inhabitants,“ said Kõlvart. „We were able to see that the presenters of some of the ideas had done very good preliminary work and offered suggestions or even detailed sketches with a solution from a surprising angle. Thus, some of the ideas received were innovative and certainly real tourist attractions, but unfortunately, they were left behind due to the limitation of the city budget. “

The committee of experts went through the ideas from 7th to 18th of December. During this relatively short period of time, experts first and foremost evaluated the compliance of the ideas with the principles of Tallinn participatory budget 2021. The proposals received were reviewed and analyzed in terms of time, money, technical and legal aspects. Ideas that did not meet the requirements of the participatory budget did not make it to the referendum. Some ideas did not succeed because they were too general, therefore the authors of these ideas were invited to formulate their ideas more specifically next year.

In the evaluation process, the expert committee proceeded their work on the Tallinn City Council’s regulation „ Procedure for processing an inclusive budget of the city of Tallinn “. The committee consisted of specialists from Tallinn City Enterprise Department, Urban Environment and Public Works Department, Sports and Youth Department, Urban Planning Department, Transport Department, Education Department, Tallinn Financial Service and representatives from all eight district councils.

This year, the city of Tallinn launched city's participatory budget project for the first time, with a total investment of 800,000 euros for 2021. Tallinn's participatory budget project is intended to encourage residents think more about the development of the urban environment and to give them an additional opportunity to present and decide on new solutions that can be implemented in their district next year.