Tallinn’s students to receive weekly food packages for making lunch at home

The way of distributing school food has changed in Tallinn. In order to minimize possible contacts between students, they will be getting a food package once a week instead of coming for warm food daily. The rule of 2+2 will be closely monitored while distributing packages.

„Thanks to the joint efforts of the schools and caterers, the number of children coming for lunch has risen to 1600. I would like to express my thanks to all of the headmasters and caterers, they have been successful in organising the distribution food,“ said the Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev. „Since the virus is rather devious, we have to make everything in our power to minimize the possible contacts between people, including students. We have been actively searching for solutions on how to keep children fed via school food. The conclusion of the weekly food packages being the best possible option has been made, the food items will be delivered to the school closest to where the child actually lives and it will be easy to get if from there without additional intercity travel,“ noted Belobrovtsev.

The weekly food package has food for 6 days’ lunch. The packages distributed on April 1st had rye bread, cucumber, tomato and carrots, apples, bananas and an orange, pasta, cheese, meatballs, canned soup, milk, kefir and corn puffs. The menu will vary in order to ensure different nutrients for children, the foods are chosen in a close cooperation of the caterers and health promotion specialists.

All children who have come for school food got the package April 1st. Since the package could be rather heavy for a child to carry, it is advised that if possible, the parent or the caregiver should be the one picking up the package. In case of a student who cannot come to pick up the package for a serious reason, the delivery of package will be arranged in some previously agreed way.

Families who would like to get these packages should notify their school about it. The school will then give the information to Tallinn’s Education Department.

Instructions on how to get the package will be given by schools to both students and parents. The next time the packages will be distributed is April 8.