Tallinn supports expansion of youth work initiatives

The Tallinn Sports and Youth Department presented the outcomes of the partnership programme of local governments - the goal of the programme launched two years ago was to expand the possibilities for participating in youth work in the districts of Lasnamäe, Mustamäe and Northern Tallinn, and increase youth involvement.

The programme created a proper development environment for youth at risk of exclusion, offered activities that foster self-actualisation (like music, sports, photography), encouraged the establishment of core youth groups at youth centres, and promoted cooperation between various stakeholders. The cooperation network created under the programme contributed to planning and operating in a shared information space, fostered the creation of new forms of collaboration between youth workers and new partnerships between youth workers and other stakeholders (like schools and NGOs).

According to Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Vadim Belobrovtsev, Tallinn’s participation in said programme had a symbolic value as the city and the central government engaged in close cooperation to develop youth work and share experience. “It certainly helped deliver services to youth who had been excluded from the scope of youth work for some reason and penetrate areas where youth activities are scarce. For instance, additional activities were set up for the youth in Raadiku area in Lasnamäe and further youth workers were hired to organise activities for them,” said Belobrovtsev. “As foreign funding available for the programme ends this year the impact analysis was essential for the city in advancing youth work and preventing the social exclusion of young people.”

More than 130,000 euros were additionally earmarked in Tallinn’s municipal budget for 2020 to allow continuing the most effective programme activities.

The aim of the programme titled “Local government partnerships for Tallinn” was to include more young people and expand the opportunities for their participation in youth work. The districts of Mustamäe, Lasnamäe and Northern Tallinn completed the development programme implemented by the Archimedes Foundation Youth Agency where they analysed the current situation of youth work and the needs and demands of young people, set clear goals and put together an action plan to attain these goals. A total of ten programmes were devised focusing on the improvement of current youth services, development of new services and expansion of possibilities for participation in youth work.

The total cost amounted to 880,105 euros. The programme activities were funded as part of the measures of the programme “Involvement of youth at risk of exclusion and improvement of youth employability” as approved by the Minister of Education and Research, implemented by the Estonian Youth Work Centre and co-financed by the European Social Fund.

The impact analysis of programme activities was carried out by the NGO Estonian Social Enterprise Network with the study report authored by Jaan Aps, Aune Lillemets ja Carmen Akkermann. You can read more about the study HERE (in Estonian).