Tallinn to host AI week to support AI adoption by startups

From 4-9 March, Tallinn and Estonia are hosting AI leaders from world leading companies for it's AI week – 6 days full of meetups, conferences, roundtables on artificial intelligence.

For the first time in Estonia, a full week is dedicated on AI and data topics to raise the level of AI adoption, readiness and take AI closer to citizens. The AI-themed events will take place in Tallinn from March 4-9, gathering more than 1000 international experts, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, lawyers, and other shareholders.

The concept of AI Week was initiated in 2017 by independent non-profit North Star AI  that brings together the network of AI practitioners from all over the world to support AI implementation in organizations and startups. The goal of the organization and AI week is to stimulate AI adoption in the region and educate the population to understand the opportunities offered by AI and provide them with necessary skills to partner with machines.

Triin Mahlakõiv, co-founder and one of the organizers of North Star AI says that full week of AI talks supports mostly startups and SMEs who oftentimes face more challenges in applying new data intensive technologies to business problems. "We believe that sharing learnings, failings and success stories about technical tools, data usage, and practical takeaways will support startups in implementing these technologies, and most of all decrease hype and fear around AI".

One of the highlights of the week is high-profile North Star AI Annual conference on March 7 where representatives of tech giants Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Spotify and others will gather in Tallinn to talk about how companies can benefit from data and machine learning. The Conference will be opened by Kersti Kaljulaid, President of Estonia. 

 "We see that our lives are more and more improved by smart systems and developing these systems if important and valuable for the whole world. I am very proud that Estonia is taking a lead position in the AI scene of the world. In March we will put Estonia on the AI map as we have many events taking place., " says Kristjan Korjus, Head of Data Science at Starship Technologies.

The world’s most prominent AI practitioners, developers, data scientist and engineers within AI and machine learning will be in Tallinn to present the latest learnings and experiences in the field. In tandem, there will be AI Startup Competition for early stage startups to raise awareness about challenges for smaller companies, followed by AI roundtable where representatives from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Taxify, Starship, Veriff and others will discuss AI adoption in Europe with Estonian government leaders. 

“Estonia, digital leader and prominently known for producing the most startups per capita, is the perfect place to speak about the real use cases and applications of Machine Learning. Government of Estonia is keen to turn our country into a global testbed for next groundbreaking machine learning applications, from public sector to various industries,” says Siim Sikkut, the CIO of Government of Estonia.

This event if officially first time supported by Tallinn Enterprise Department. Tallinn is the promotor of Startups and Smart City initiatives for new Technologies testbed.

For more information:

Triin Mahlakõiv
Web: https://aiconf.tech/