Tehnohack 2015

On the weekend of 30th to 1st of November TehnoHack 2015 took place.

More than 150 persons from 9 countries participated. TehnoHack is hard- and software hackathon, where innovative idea authors meet engineers. The goal is to produce a functional device out from an idea during one weekend. Everybody had chance to propose ideas. In total over 40 ideas were proposed of which 25 were built during event. Almost all teams managed to create a prototype. Skeemipesa mentors advise and TUT Mektory center machinery was used to bring the ideas to reality.

TehnoHack 2015 winners

Ajujaht TOP30 pass – Smart power module for electromagnetic locks
Prototron TOP20 pass – ChimneyGuard – soot sensor for chimneys

Skeemipesa prizes:
Most Pontential Startup Idea – FusionPedal
The Best Implementation – I Can Move
The Most Challenging Idea – ChimneyGuard – soot sensor for chimenys

Arrow special prizes (Bluetooth development kits) – thermocup, Wint, Floud, VisualAir, Smart Waste Management System

Here is a small summary of the event.

Tehnohack was supported also by Tallinn City Enterprise Department.


Source: Skeemipesa