Tehnopol Entertainment Week entertains people with old favourites as well as with the newcomers

The annual Tehnopol Entertainment Week is going to get started soon, on the 9-13 September! In the program there will be some of the star events from the previous years but we are also adding to the program some new and exciting.

TEW2019 differs from the previous ones because we have divided the days depending on some of our focus fields:

  • Monday – Startup Incubator Day
  • Tuesday – Health Technology Day
  • Wednesday – Green Technology Day
  • Thursday – ICT Day

and Friday is a chill day and getting ready for the weekend day.

Of course, we included the all time favourites such as company visits, table tennis tournament, beach volleyball tournament, Networking Night and, in cooperation with Gym!, some sporty and fun activities. New arrivals are a car-free day, Street Food Festival, an outdoor concert with Tanel Padar and a flea market. We hope to see an active participation in these events 

All events are for everyone and are absolutely free! Check out the program and let us know if you are coming. See you soon!

# tew2019

Source: Tehnopol