Tehnopol and PAKRI opened an autonoumus Greenroom

Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol and Pakri Science and Industrial Park opened a smart Greenroom in Tehnopol’s campus.

The aim is to provide companies developing smart technology solutions a place to test and demo their products. It’s a place for Estonian ICT and greentech companies to promote their products, as the Greenroom is available to use as a meeting room and is opened for several international delegations visiting Science Park Tehnopol every week.

“If we can tell that self-driving cars are soon our everyday, then we can say the same for self-managing rooms and buildings. Thanks to new technologies it’s possible to make buildings wich are autonomous and smart- meaning that the installed solutions make sure the right processes work at the right time, at the right place and right capacity. To build a smart house, the technologies have to to communicate to each other and that’s where it comes to IoT, the increasing trend of internet of things, ” said CEO of PAKRI Enn Laansoo Jr.

The Greenroom is an autonomous building , containing different smart energy efficient solutions provided by several Estonian IT and greentech companies. The companies currently testing their products in the Greenroom are:

Zeroliving– energy efficient shipping container building
Smartel– mobile entry system
Aiotex- building automation
Sol navitas– solar energy-based air heating and ventilation panel
Enwisen- indoor climate sensor
Saviukumaja– energy-accumulating clay wall
Naps Solar Estonia– Estonian solar panels
Generatorbike– bike that generates power while you use it
Martem– data acquisition system for energy production
Thinnect– network technology
Elisa Eesti– IoT platform

Greenroom is opened as a testbed for new smart solutions. For more information contact kairi.sulla@tehnopol.ee

You can book the room for meetings and as short-term office space via Tehnopol’s webpage seminar rooms booking system HERE choosing „ROHERUUM.“

Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol and Pakri Science and Industrial Park are developing Estonia’s greentech field in cooperation since 2010.

Source: Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol