The Christmas trees of Tallinners are recycled to produce heat

From this week, a collection campaign for old Christmas trees started in the districts of Tallinn, in which residents can take their trees to collection points free of charge. Depending on the district, the campaign will last until January 25, after which the fir trees will be taken to the Tallinn Utilitas cogeneration plant, where they will turn into green electricity and heat.

People are reminded not to put household waste, construction debris or other waste in containers intended only for Christmas trees. Also, recycled Christmas tree must not be wrapped in plastic wrap and must not have decorations, plastic, cloth or other materials attached to it. It is forbidden to take spruce next to regular waste containers, in the green areas of the city or in places where large waste from apartment buildings is usually collected.

The list of collection points can be found on the city's website (est) and on the web map.

More information about the collection stations are available through your local district government.