The MELT Innovation Forum

on 10 April 2018 in the Tallinn Creative Hub

How should we move forward? This is the question asked by operating companies, large and small firms, providers of both goods and services. What role does product development play in the development and success of a business? Is this something that is only reserved for large business, something that requires large amounts of financing? Or perhaps, all that’s necessary is the germ of an idea and the reinterpretation of processes? Something that anyone can do.  

These are the questions that this year’s MELT Innovation Forum  seeks to answer.

The day is focused on inspiring stories that encourage people to make changes and that speak about the myths swirling around product development and innovation. Practitioners from various spheres of life and business will take the floor, to share good experiences and future directions, and to prove that the opportunity to take off for the skies like a rocket and change the world may be hidden in every clever idea.

We will dissect the myths and questions swirling around innovation in regard to six different themes: 

·         Scientific collaboration and smart design as the basis for successful innovation.
·         Does good innovation always require large financial contributions?
·         Sustainability as a new trend in innovation.
·         Innovation as the joint creation of various enterprises  
·         Is there a limit for technological developments in innovation?
·         Innovation as part of a business’s conscious development strategy.

The MELT Innovation Forum is looking forward to welcoming everyone that has good ideas for future products and services, but are looking for the impetus to carry them out. And the opposite as well, we are also looking forward to welcoming companies that have good production capabilities, but need inspiration for product innovation. 

The MELT Innovation Forum will merge the various interested parties in order to create a synergy between the creative sector and the economic sphere, thereby producing fertile ground for innovation – for the production of future products and services.