The arch of the Song Festival Grounds is undergoing renovations

The renovation of the arched stage of the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds has begun, during which, the wooden boarding and metal cover sheets will be replaced and the facades of the stage will be tidied.

The contractual cost of the works – 638,000 euros – is financed equally by the city of Tallinn and the Ministry of Culture. The works have to be completed by 15 March 2019 and the authorisation of use must be issued on 15 April 2019 at the latest.

The laboratory and technological research preceding the design work was carried out under D.Sc. (Tech.) Karl Õiger, Professor Emeritus of the Tallinn University of Technology, who proposed the new assembly solution for the boarding – crossband. The new arch of the Tartu Song Festival Grounds, which Karl Õiger also helped to engineer and design, has a similar solution. ‘The examination of the cables showed that they are in surprisingly good condition and, if maintained properly, should not cause concern for another 30­–40 years.’

Last year, the completely renovated radio tower was opened on the Song Festival Grounds. During the renovation, the building was completely modernised: new balconies were built and installed, a new electricity system was installed, and ventilation, cooling, and heating systems were constructed. The renovation cost 532,800 euros and was funded by the city of Tallinn.