The customer service bureau of Tallinn City Government to be open until 18:00 on Mondays

As from Monday, 18 November, the customer service bureau of Tallinn City Government will be open from 8:15 to 18:00 on Mondays. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays it will be open from 8:15 to 17:00 and on Fridays from 8:15 to 14:00.

The following services are available: counselling for housing cooperatives and signature of contracts for municipal dwellings - City Property Department (desk 1); consumer protection information, debt counselling, services related to the Register of Economic Activities - Business Development Department (desk 2); sale of Public Transport Cards and handling of related issues (desk 3); licence cards for the vehicles of the disabled - Transport Department (desk 4); counselling related to the jurisdiction of the Urban Planning Department (desk 5); registration of place of residence, formation of personal identification code - Vital Statistics Department (desk 6); legal counselling - Student Law Office (desk 7); counselling by the Municipal Police Department.

For more information please call the helpline at 640 4141.