The government is supporting Tallinn in becoming the European Green Capital

At the October 1st Cabinet Meeting the government decided in principle to support Tallinn City in the sum of 600 000 euros, in the case if the European Commission chooses Tallinn as the European Green Capital 2022.

According to Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, the title of Green Capital is accompanied by an opportunity to introduce good initiatives in creating a healthy and sustainable environment and to promote the green way of thinking more broadly. “European Green Capital has an opportunity to bring more attention to environmental topics. The government also wants to contribute, and in the case of winning the title, to support organising the main events and projects of the winning year with 600 000 euros”, he said.

Tallinn City has made it to the finals of the European Green Capital competition. Next week, the city will present the Green Capital specific programme to the jury. In addition to the events of the winning year, Tallinn wishes to contribute to the propagation of the 2021 European Green Capital model pre-programme and the successor programme in 2023.

18 cities applied for the title of European Green Capital 2022 in total. Dijon, Grenoble and Turin made it to the finals alongside Tallinn. The international jury will select the winner of the 2022 title on 8 October.

The purpose of the Green Capital initiative, which originates from Tallinn, is to improve the living environments of European cities and to acknowledge the cities’ efforts in improving the environment and the quality of life. The European Commission will give the title to the city that has improved the city environment, and is planning to change it as a whole through different activities.