The historic Kopli folk house will once again become a community centre

This Wednesday, June 9, at 6 pm, the garden gates of the Kopli folk house (Kopli 93) will be reopened and the custom of community Wednesdays will be set in.

The surroundings of the historic Kopli folk house will be revived as a public city garden - the courtyard and backyard of the former Sailors' Club will be designed as a study and experimental garden for the local community. Following the principles of permaculture, the future common garden will be used to grow herbs and vegetables, and for organising thematic study days and celebrations. In the future, garden activities will be accompanied by an open repair shop and various cultural events.

"The past of the Kopli folk house has been manifold. It was inaugurated in 1937 and was used only for cultural and educational purposes. Together with the surrounding park, this building was the most beautiful place in Kopli. In 1940, the folk house was claimed by the Soviet army and became known as the Sailors' Club. The condition of the building was not given much attention during that time, and it began to deteriorate. In the 1990s, the building was handed over to a private academy, which operated there until 2011. Since 2019, the folk house has been under the ownership of the Salme Cultural Centre,” said historian and district head of North Tallinn Peeter Järvelaid.

"The aim of this venture is to invite gardening enthusiasts living in and near Kopli to establish a joint community centre and create a place for communal activities, meanwhile promoting the principles of sustainable development. In the community garden, you can experiment with various eco-friendly solutions and put the public space in good use as a place of leisure in nature. Community members can actively participate in the future development of the building and the garden by pitching in with communal work or participating in workshops or community events. All these activities are the basis for the creation of a new community centre, when the reconstruction of the Kopli folk house begins," said Sten Svetljakov, director of the Salme Cultural Centre.

A public information seminar and a community Wednesday will take place in the courtyard of Kopli 93 on June 9 at 6 pm, where the project team will introduce the vision of the garden of the Kopli community centre and the possibilities of participating in it. A Jar of Good Ideas will be set up on site, where participants can write their vision and their wishes for the future of the community centre. The event is free; more information can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Kopli93.

The establishment of the centre is supported by the Centrinno 2020-2024 project, which started with the support of the innovation financing program Horizon 2020. As part of the pilot project, it is planned to establish a self-functioning community centre with a community garden and a repair shop. The CENTRINNO project is funded by the European Commission (H2020 grant. 869595). Additional information about the project: https://centrinno.eu/

Photo: Ilja Matusihis