The latest episode of „Tallinn Talks“ podcast focuses on local elections

The monthly podcast for the English-speaking Tallinners „Tallinn Talks“, providing news, insights and information about life in Tallinn to residents who have moved here from abroad, has reached its fourth episode. The focal point of the latest episode is that of the upcoming local government elections.

The latest episode of “Tallinn Talks” is now available on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Interviewed by the host of the podcast Chantel Rowe, the guests of the September episode of  “Tallinn Talks” were Tõnis Saarts, Associate Professor of Comparative Politics at Tallinn University, and Priit Lello, the City Secretary of Tallinn and the Chairman of the Tallinn Electoral Committee.

“In the Tallinn City Council elections, both Estonian and European Union citizens of least 16 years of age are eligible to vote if their place of residence is officially in Tallinn. Citizens of other countries have a vote if they have a long-term residence permit or the right of permanent residence in Estonia. It is important that the local international community has access to the information regarding the political parties and the process of the elections, so that those who wish to have a say in the development of their hometown for the next four years can make an informed decision,” said Priit Lello.    

This podcast series is made in cooperation with the City Centre Government and the Tallinn Strategic Management Office as part of the  the Tallinn City Centre New Arrivals project.

Chantel Rowe and Tõnis Saarts

Tõnis Saarts on Tallinn Talks.jpg

Chantel Rowe and Priit Lello

Priit Lello on Tallinn Talks.jpg