The main themes of the MELT Innovation Forum have been announced!

In April for the fifth year in a row, the best practitioners will gather for one day at MELT Forum at the Tallinn Creative Hub, along with new technologies and fresh ideas for the future, thereby providing the opportunity to discover, learn about and recognise the various opportunities for innovation around us.

The focus of this year’s innovation forum is change. Many people are thinking about changing the world, but few would be willing to change themselves. However, in order to achieve anything, everyone must start with themselves.

What are the directions and trends of today that ensure success and differentiate you from the others? Will operating alone or collaboratively ensure success? What do consumers and the society more broadly expect from a company? What challenges does the ever-changing world present to both large and small companies? To both manufacturers and service providers?

These and other topics will be examined in the six subject blocks at the MELT Innovation Forum. 

The subject block ‘Do you need to be large to save the world’ questions the actual impact of our activity. By taking small steps, we may be striving for a better tomorrow, but does this really have an impact? In order to achieve something great, must we ourselves have sufficient power and scale, or will just changing everyone’s habits suffice? Representatives from three different enterprises will take the stage to share the experiences they have had and the steps they have taken related to a sustainable world. And how successful these steps have been.  

The subject block ‘Who benefits from reduced consumption?’ examines business models that benefit from a reduction in consumption. as overconsumption is increasingly being combatted. However, what challenges does this present to the business environment – does anyone benefit from this? And if so, who?

The creative incubator will deal with the subject block ‘The charms and pains of upgrading’, which deals with design management. The issues under discussion will include: how has design alone helped to breathe new life into companies; and what challenges do more design-conscious and aware consumers present to companies.

The subject block ‘Updating existing businesses’ focuses on well-known products and services that have been approached in a fresh way. Can existing products and services be rethought? Representatives of three companies that have transformed the old and familiar into something new and interesting will tell their stories. 

In the subject block ‘Have adventures already triumphed?’, you will hear from three big players in the adventure services sector, who will speak about the charms and pains of this field. Are people’s pocketbooks impacted by various adventures, and if so, by how much?

The English-language subject block ‘The financing of innovative thinking’ deals with issues related to the financing of innovative ideas. We will be talking about the involvement of investors, selling of business ideas, and practical investments. 

The MELT Innovation Forum will take place on April 7th at the at the Tallinn Creative Hub.

The MELT Innovation Forum is the forward-looking inspirational meeting organised by the Tallinn City Enterprise Department and the Tallinn Creative Hub organised every spring.  

For more information and ticket sales, see www.melt.ee, and check us out on Facebook MELT innovatsioonifoorum 2020