The most innovative countries and cities in the time of COVID-19

The Coronavirus Innovation Map launched together with Health Innovation Index (HIEx) by the UNAIDS and Moscow Agency of Innovations and other global information partners such as Crunchbase, Meetup, and SEMrush, now features hundreds of initiatives and solutions aiming to solve problems caused by the COVID-19 virus as well as to help people cope and adapt to life amid the global pandemic.

The first-ever global COVID-19 Innovation Ranking featuring the top cities and countries on the scene has been released.

The first run of the rankings reveals an interesting insight that some of the cities that have been badly hit by the crisis such as New York, Milan, Paris, London, Beijing, and Barcelona, are the ones that have been mostly over-performing in the charts. This is counterintuitive since those cities are in a major crisis, but still, manage to excel and innovate due to the needs they are facing.

As for the top 20 countries ranking, we see that specific countries in Europe such as Estonia, Switzerland, Italy, and Ireland are surprisingly over-performing in COVID-related innovation compared to their general rankings in our 2019 global ecosystem ranking report.  

Read more about the map and ranking on the StartupBlink Website.

Source: StartupBlink