The sale of paper tickets will be abolished in Tallinn's public transport

Under the new ticket regulation, the sale of paper tickets in public transport will be abolished on September 1st.

According to Deputy Mayor Andrei Novikov, public transport drivers will be released from the obligation to sell paper tickets, which will allow public transport drivers to better focus on their main work in order to stay on schedule. During this summer tests were made to eliminate the possibility of buying a ticket for public transport for cash, during which there were no problems.

“Tallinn already has a ticket sales system in place, which allows public transport users to buy e-tickets for all Common Cards issued in Estonia, QR-tickets both with a smartphone and from the internet - as well as e-hour tickets with a contactless bank card at the front door," said Novikov. "Giving up paper tickets is also environmentally friendly and in line with Tallinn's chosen path towardsto run for the title of European Green Capital in 2022."

Most customers of paper tickets are tourists. Visitors of the city can purchase a QR-ticket on paper from the airport, bus station, Viru terminal and ticket machines in the port's A and D terminals.