There will be 70 free parking lots for rental scooters in Tallinn city centre

The Tallinn City Government approved a cooperation agreement with electric scooter rental companies to enable riders use the bicycle parking places created in the city centre free of charge.

Tallinn Transport Department will create at least 70 electric bicycle parking facilities in the city centre, where it is possible to store at least 1380 bicycles in total. Parking spaces for electric scooters will be created partly at the expense of paid parking spaces for cars. In the future, scooter racks will also be created in the Pargi ja Reisi (Park and Travel) car parks and, if necessary, the number of parking spaces can be increased to 3000.

According to Deputy Mayor Andrei Novikov, the city, together with entrepreneurs, found that this year the scooter rental service could be organized differently. "We agree that cycling, including light traffic, should be developed and encouraged, as it will help to improve both road safety and public health and reduce congestion. Free parking spaces make it easier to get around the city on electric scooters and help to better organize the service," said Novikov. "Therefore, we offer the opportunity for interested companies to join the cooperation agreement organizing scooter parking and service. We want to prescribe fewer regulations and cooperate with them, and so far, the feedback from entrepreneurs on these changes and solutions has been positive.”

The new arrangement encourages users to place the electric scooters in secure storage. This alleviates the previous situation where the vacated scooters could be left quite chaotically in the urban space. At the same time, entrepreneurs will no longer be obliged to collect electric scooters from the city space by 11 pm, which will enable people to ride home at night, if need be. The changes have been prepared together with companies offering electric rental scooters and district governments.

In particular, the agreement focuses on the regulation of the Tallinn city centre paid parking zone and the “Park and Travel” car park area, but still covers the entire city of Tallinn. Unlike in previous years, the storage facilities will be provided free of charge to scooter riders. In addition, the cooperation agreement settles that companies will help improve the traffic culture of scooter users and provide the city with statistics that can be used as a basis for developing alternative modes of transport.

From now on, an agreement will be signed between the Tallinn Transport Department and any interested companies, to determine the location of scooter parking places and create the necessary infrastructure. The companies that have joined the agreement can then start using the places and offer the service. In addition, Tallinn together with entrepreneurs will launch an information campaign to increase road safety related to the use of electric scooters. When developing and implementing the scooter rental service, companies shape the behavioural habits of users when riding and parking a scooter.

As of today, May 25, Martin Villig, co-founder of Bolt, and Jaan Kekišev, business director of Tuule/Comodule OÜ, have signed the cooperation agreement with the city.