Last year’s best athletes from the capital city are fencer Irina Embrich and bodybuilder Ott Kiivikas

Tallinn’s best athletes and best team for 2016 were selected via a public vote.

This year, the title of best female athlete was awarded to fencer Irina Embrich and the title of best male athlete went to bodybuilder Ott Kiivikas. By the way, Ott Kiivikas is the first athlete from a non-Olympic event to win the title of best athlete from the capital city. The Tallinn football team FC Infonet, who for the first time became Estonian Champions this year, was crowned the best team.

According to Deputy Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart, this Olympic year can be considered a very successful sporting year. “Our athletes achieved high and valuable places at the Olympic Games, outdoing themselves as well as their previous records,” Kõlvart noted. “Tallinn has always considered the appreciation of sports as important, and acknowledging the best athletes has also developed into a long-term tradition in the city – this year, Tallinn honoured its best athletes, sports team, junior athletes, Olympic veterans and organisers of major events for the 22nd time.”

The nominees for the best female athlete were fencer Irina Embrich, track and field athlete Ksenija Balta, para-athlete, swimmer Elisabeth Egel, Kristina Koroljak (fitness), and Jelizaveta Plahti (taekwondo). The nominees for the best male athlete were discus throwers Martin Kupper and Gerd Kanter, wrestler Heiki Nabi, weightlifter Mart Seim, and bodybuilder Ott Kiivikas. The nominees for the best sports team were the Tallinn FC Infonet football team, Selver Tallinn volleyball team, BC Kalev/Cramo basketball team, 1182 Tallinn women’s basketball, and SK Reval Sport/Mella women’s handball team.

All residents of Tallinn had the opportunity to participate in the online vote for the year’s best athlete and team in Tallinn.