To ensure the water quality in beaches, bathing of animals in Kopli Bay is prohibited

Until the end of the swimming season, it is prohibited to wash and bathe animals in Kopli Bay in order to ensure the proper quality of seawater and its safety for human health.

"Our firm goal is to make swimming safe on Stroomi beach. The water analyzes carried out in May also give hope that, with the help of adequate prevention measures, the water will remain safe," said Kalle Klandorf, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn. "However, the situation still requires attention, because in the last two years, the water quality of Kopli Bay has been poor, according to the Health Board. Therefore, the city considers it necessary to implement measures to improve the quality of seawater in order to ensure the safety of human health. "

As a measure directly affecting the townspeople, bathing of dogs, horses and other animals in Kopli Bay is now prohibited. Stroomi beach is also within the restricted area. Appropriate warning signs have already been installed on the beach, and they will soon reach the entire area around the bay.

"We urge people not to let your pets run in or around Stroomi Beach. Although it may not be in line with the usual way of life, it is in the interests of human health, "said Kalle Klandorf.

The Tallinn Environment and Public Utilities Department and the North Tallinn District Government are preparing a plan to ensure the safety of bathing water. As a further step, seawater at Stroomi Beach will be sampled more frequently in order to react quickly to changes in water quality if necessary. Additional water samples will also be taken in the catchment area of ​​the nearby Mustjõgi stream and at the Rocca al Mare outlet. An environmental impact assessment will also be launched to better understand the impact of the Seewald collector.