Traffic conditions are difficult due to snow and ice

The weather forecast predicts continuing snowfall and although the contract partners of Tallinn City are engaged in snow removal and anti-slip treatment, everyone in traffic must use caution.

"Maintenance vehicles are on the move around the clock, but since snowfall may be heavy and there may be blizzards in open areas, drivers must take into account snowy road conditions," said Kalle Klandorf, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn. "Therefore, we ask drivers to take extra time to reach their destination. If possible, wake up a little earlier in the morning, clean the vehicle thoroughly of snow and start driving at a slow pace to adapt to road and weather conditions. However, when parking your vehicle in the evening, keep in mind to make sure that the machines equipped with a wider plow can move on smaller streets.”

Deputy Mayor reminds property owners and apartment building maintenance managers that it is up to them to clear the snow and ice and to prevent slipperiness between the property and the carriageway. "While weather conditions are more difficult than usual, property owners must also make a greater contribution to ensuring the safety of pedestrians," Klandorf noted. He added that when maintaining sidewalks, it should be ensured that there is a walkway at least 1.2 m wide on the sidewalk.

Gritting with a grain diameter of 2-6 mm can be used to prevent slip hazard. The city distributes free granite gravel to apartment associations and property owners. Further information can be obtained from the district governments.

Citizens can report any shortcomings or problems related to maintenance on the Tallinn helpline 14410.