Using public transport temporarily free for all

Since the public transport is free for all, there is no need to come to get your personal identification number from our service halls just for being eligible, as a resident, for free public transport. By this, we can have less people together in the service halls of the city.

In the present emergency situation, Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart decided that the purchase of public transport tickets in Tallinn is not required and that the municipal police does not perform ticket checks. 

With implementing this measure, the city wants to reduce the number of possible close contacts - both when buying a ticket from a bus driver and while checking the ticket by a municipal police officer. However, the city recommends that you carefully consider the necessity of going out and, whenever possible, use your own means of transport and prefer e-services whenever possible.

Currently, Tallinn is not planning to reduce public transport services as this could lead to people being too close to each other in the case of crowded buses or trams.

“In order to provide crucial services, people must continue to be able to reach their work space, not all work can be done remotely. Thus, public transport will continue to operate according to the present schedule, but we are monitoring the situation and ready to make changes if the situation requires,” the mayor stated.