Visit Tallinn Creators' Camp 2019 results are in: take a look at the amazing content!

The second Visit Tallinn Creators’ Camp took place between September 18 and 25 this year where eight internationally influential content creators, devoted to travelling discovered the city.
The aim of the weeklong series of outings and workshops was to find new destination ambassadors for Tallinn who would promote its positive image as a travel destination and gain new visual material to promote the city on Visit Tallinn’s various channels.
The participants were Katie and Xavier Ritzy (Instagrammer and photographer from LA, USA), Jorden Tually (a vlogger and photographer from Australia), Mark Harrison (a photographer and videographer from Canada), Sophia Pashkina(an Instagrammer from Russia), JR Alli (a video artist from Canada), Simon Snopek (a photographer and videographer from Slovakia), and Filippo Cesarini (a photographer and Instagrammer from Italy). 
The project generated over 400 high-quality photos, two vlogs and eight videos. With 630 Instagram stories, 53 Instagram posts, 20 Facebook posts, some tweets, four YouTube videos and over 20 TikTok posts, we reached over 10 million people. 
See what was created from our Google Drive link