Visitor centre launched in Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

Yesterday, on August 18, the new visitor centre was presented at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds (Lauluväljak) that tells a story of the Signing Revolution, the tradition of Song Festivals, and the history of the Song Festival Grounds. The centre was created in time for the 30th Anniversary of the Restoration of Independence and will be welcoming all visitors from August 31.

“On the 20th of August, the Republic of Estonia celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of restored independence and I am pleased to see that the day continues to have an important place in the hearts of the people. The pivotal events of that time had a unifying effect on society and the initiators of these events deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated,” said the Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart. “Tallinn Song Festival Grounds was the central point of the Singing Revolution and is therefore the most suitable place for the reminiscence and preservation of these stories.”

"We have long dreamed of establishing a visitor centre on the Song Festival Grounds, and I am delighted that it is for the significant 30th anniversary of regaining independence that we made it a reality. We offer visitors the story of the Singing Revolution, the Song Festivals and the Song Festival Grounds – the ways in which they differ and what they all have in common. However, this visitor centre mustn’t stay unchanged, but must constantly discover, develop, and grow," said Urmo Saareoja, the director of Lauluväljak.

The creation of the visitor centre was inspired by the idea of offering a unique edutainment experience in the place known as a landmark of Estonian culture and the cradle of the Singing Revolution. Lauluväljak is a place where you can sense the importance of Song Festivals in our culture and history, feel the spirit of the Singing Revolution era and discover the exciting history of the place. In the visitor centre, educational programs for students, meetings with the heroes of the Song Festivals and the Singing Revolution, and thematic exhibitions can be organised.

The Lauluväljak visitor centre will be open to the public from Tuesday, August 31, as several events dedicated to Estonia’s 30th anniversary of restored independence will take place at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds in the upcoming days. The largest of them is the night song festival "Vaba Eesti" on August 20, where 450 musicians will perform at a concert lasting more than five hours. On Saturday, August 21, the concert and family event "Reunion" dedicated to the Restoration of Independence Day will take place at Lauluväljak, featuring 2 Quick Start, Traffic and The Roop from Lithuania.