Voters for the City Council elections must be registered in Tallinn

In order to elect the Tallinn City Council, the official residence of the voter according to the population register should be in Tallinn by no later than 17th of September.

Voter lists will be compiled on the basis of population register data as of 17 September. To ensure that the registration of residence is not left to the last minute, we recommend that all voters whose residence needs to be changed in the population register correct the data a little earlier than the deadline provided by law and update the data by 16 September 2021 at the latest.

“People who live in Tallinn but are not officially registered here should update their residence data in the population register in order to participate in the election of the City Council. In recent years, many people have changed their place of residence. In determining the future of the city, we hope to encourage as many people as possible to participate in elections," said Priit Lello, the City Secretary and the Chairman of the Tallinn Electoral Committee. "People who have moved from one district to another and wish to vote in their home district should also update their place of residence data in the population register."

You can check your residence information and report your new residence on the website https://www.rahvastikuregister.ee/. If needed, you can update the residence data onsite at your nearest district administration or at the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department.

Eligible to vote the local elections are citizens of Estonia and other European Union countries, as well as foreigners who have a long-term residence permit or the right of permanent residence. As the United Kingdom is no longer in the European Union, British citizens will also be able to vote in 2021 only if they have a long-term residence permit or right of permanent residence.

The local council can be elected by voters at least 16 years old. For the first time, 16-year-olds and older were able to vote in the 2017 local elections.