Waste management on Aegna Island will reach a new level

The permanent residents and companies of Aegna Island will have the opportunity to collect mixed waste separately and hand it over to door-to-door waste carriers once a month. The waste transport of the island will be organized by the Tallinn Waste Centre from 1 May.

A waste collection point was built on the island in March as part of an international eco-islands project. The construction of the waste collection point in Aegna was completed by Koda Ehitus OÜ.

“The waste collection point will enable the island's waste management to be completely reorganized from the beginning of the season,” said Monika Haukanõmm, the head of the City Centre Government. “Aegna Island is in the administrative area of ​​Tallinn City Centre and the waste collection point on Aegna Island was completed by order of the City Centre Government. This is a big step towards the development of environmentally friendly nature tourism."

"The recently completed eco-island project focused primarily on the development of sustainable nature tourism. This included the construction of a waste collection point, because the waste generated on the island could not be handled without the infrastructure now established," said Kristjan Mark, director of Tallinn Waste Centre.

Depending on the season, 3 to 12 households live permanently on the island of Aegna. The population density and, consequently, the amount of waste in Aegna will increase significantly from the beginning of the visiting season, when regular marine traffic is opened, but also the owners of small boats will start visiting the island. Tallinn Waste Center installed separate containers for municipal waste, packaging waste and glass containers for separate collection in the public space of the North and South beaches of the island, which are actively visited. In addition, dozens of sets of waste containers have been installed along the island's connecting roads to enable both residents and visitors of the island to dispose of sorted waste.

Tallinn Waste Centre also opened a waste collection point on the island of Aegna next to the port building at Tagamaa tee 1. There you can dispose of separately collected packaging waste: glass, paper and cardboard, as well as plastic and metal packaging, including beverage cardboard. Problematic waste such as batteries and accumulators, tires and electronics, and hazardous waste such as all kinds of chemicals, varnishes and paints are also accepted. For a fee, large waste can be given away at a price of 10 euros per cubic meter.

The opening hours of the collection point are initially planned on Saturdays from 10:00 to 11:00 AM. Separate waste removal from Aegna Island is ensured by Tallinn Waste Centre.

The international project, which lasted for two years, from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2021, developed sustainable tourism solutions and infrastructure on the islands of Aegna and Vasikkasaari, Finland. The project was co-financed by the Interreg Central Baltic Program project "Urban Eco Islands" from the European Regional Development Fund. The City of Tallinn was represented in the project by the Government of the City Centre, as Aegna Island is administratively a part of the City Centre. The project to bring new green solutions to Aegna was concluded at the end of March this year.