Webinar | Global Roots: Volunteering in Estonia in different circumstances 24.03.2020 15.00

Are you staying in Estonia and want to contribute in a meaningful way? Join us on Tuesday, March 24th on Zoom for a webinar about volunteering in Estonia to find out how to get started and what you can do already today!

❗ Do you have spare time you would like to spend helping out, but don’t know how to make it happen? Are you a natural born volunteer or just interested in getting involved in the Estonian civil society? Or are you interested in giving a helping hand to try and alleviate the impact of coronavirus in Estonia? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, this webinar is for you.

👉 A representative from the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations, Kai Klandorf will shed some light on volunteering in Estonia – what you can do right away and where to look for opportunities in the long run. You will also learn about the benefits you can gain from volunteering. As a cherry on top, we will highlight some specific offers (short or long term), so you could start right away.

🗯 Becoming a volunteer is a great way to learn and network, while contributing to some amazing causes and initiatives in Estonia. Hop on board!

To participate in the webinar, please register here.

This session is organized in collaboration with European Social Fund.