Webinar "Take charge! How to Start a Company in Estonia"

Thuesday, May 7, 2020 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EEST

Are you the entrepreneurial type? Can't imagine having to work for someone else? Want to create your own business? Yes? Great!
The next logical question would be: what kind of company to build? Is it a startup or another legal body behind the mysterious Estonian abbreviations OÜ or FIE? 

This webinar will cover the different options you have for creating a company in Estonia, as well as provide answers to more common questions like: 
- what kind of paperwork is involved;
- how much taxes do I have to pay;
- where to turn to if I have more questions.

The webinar will be hosted by:
Krista Kink from the Tallinn Enterprise Department
Annely Tank from Work in Estonia (Enterprise Estonia).

The webinar is held via Gotowebinar platform.

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