What to do during spring break in Tallinn

Don't just let spring break pass you by, find out what fun activities Tallinn has to offer. In the Botanic Garden you can get acquainted with the (micro)world of plants, in Miiamilla you can learn fun facts in the "Fart Stories" workshops and in the City Museum you can meet bedbugs and dragons. We will be getting smart through games at the Kaja Cultural Centre and queens will be screaming at the Central Library.

Tallinn Botanic Garden: school holiday plant days

The school holiday plant days will take place from 25 to 28 April for two hours a day from 11am to 1pm. Students aged 7 to 14 are welcome.

  • 25 April: Legends of the World (in Russian). We will learn about the world’s most legendary plants, without which we couldn’t imagine our lives today.
  • 26 April: A Potato’s Journey Across the Ocean. The potato as our second bread. We will talk about potatoes on the dining table (potato crisps straight from the oven) and in handicraft (potato print).
  • 27 April: Microworld of Plants. See exciting exhibits of the outdoor and indoor collections of the Botanical Garden under a microscope. We’ll prepare samples and get acquainted with the working principles of a microscope.
  • 28 April: A Discovery Trip With Heralds of Spring. Spring announces its arrival with many blooming plants and loud birdsong – we’ll explore it all. We’ll look for the first heralds of spring in the botanical garden. Games will help us become friends with nature!

The participation fee per child is 10 euros per day, a four-day ticket is 30 euros. You can pay at the box office of the botanical garden, which is also where we will be gathering. Dress according to the weather, as some activities will also be taking place outdoors. Bring food and drinks, if you wish to.

Registration: https://bit.ly/koolivaheaegTBAs

Additional information: eliko.petser@botaanikaaed.ee, tel: +372 5326 4570


Tallinn Zoo: city camp ’Life And Noise Of The Forest’.

26-27 April, Estonian speaking group from 10am to 2pm, Russian speaking group from 11am to 3pm (groups are full).

The species-rich Veskimets in the zoo offers great opportunities to get to know the local plant and animal species and notice the arrival of spring. In the spring, when nature comes to life, a real party starts in the forest! Migratory birds announce their arrival at their nesting sites, forming a real singing choir. Animals who hibernate during winter wake up, buds on trees open up and spring flowers bloom on the forest floor.

This year, children can expect exciting study visits to the zoo, trips to Veskimets, a workshop to learn about how to identify animal tracks, fun crafting tasks and games.

Students aged 7 to 11 are welcome to the camp. Each group consists of 15 kids. On both days of the camp, a warm meal will be waiting for the kids at the zoo’s cafe. The price for the two days of the camp is 35 euros.

Additional information: helina.raja@tallinnzoo.ee 


Tallinn Central Library’s Children and Youth Services / Music and Film Hall (Estonia pst 8)

  • 25 April from 5pm to 7pm ’Scream Queens’.

Scream Queens is a singing group that comes together just to enjoy the act of singing. We’ll sing karaoke, play games based around singing like song association, sing along with instruments and discuss music in general. Language: Estonian, English; age: 12 to 18 years

  • 26-28 April from 2pm to 4pm. Kinect games afternoon. Kinect games will be available to play on Xbox. All kids aged 8 to 13 are welcome. Language: Estonian, English.
  • 27 April from 10:15am to 10:45am. We’ll be reading short and interesting books to children and looking at pictures. Language: Estonian; age: 3+
  • 27 April from 12pm to 1pm. Colourful colouring. We’ll colour fun colouring pages and take inspiration from books. Language: Estonian, English; age: 5+
  • 27 April from 2pm to 3pm. Robotics. We’ll get acquainted with Lego WeDo and other robots. Tallinn City Central Library Estonian Literature department (Estonia pst 8). Language: Estonian, English; age: 7+
  • 29 April from 4pm to 5pm. Board Game Night. We’ll play different board games. Language: Estonian; age: 7+

If you wish to participate, please notify us on the spot at the Children and Youth Services, by phone +372 683 0914 or by e-mail laste@tln.lib.ee

More info at: keskraamatukogu.ee/lasteleht/koolivaheajaks-tegevust-jatkub

Kristiine District: playful yoga for children

27 April at 12pm (Nõmme tee 52, Räägu Park)

Playful yoga for children is a fun and developmental physical activity that uses various exercises. Playful yoga supports children’s creativity, dexterity and co-operation.

The children's yoga class is part of the implementation of methods of the Icelandic prevention model in Tallinn, which focuses on the prevention of risky behaviour in children and young people through the creation of a caring community and a supportive home-school-child environment.


Lasnamäe District events

  • 24 April: orienteering competition in Tondiraba Park (read more)
  • 26-29 April: Youth Stock Exchange (read more)
  • 30 April from 12pm to 3pm: road safety information day at Tondiraba Park.
    • In The Estonian Transport Administration’s workshop on light motor vehicles, you can try out how to operate an electric scooter at a low speed, what to pay attention to and what to consider.
    • At the cyclist's safety point (Ida-Harju Police Department, Traffic Supervision Centre), the police will provide advice on safe cycling and talk about the importance of safety equipment, and you will be able to test both your traffic knowledge and practical skills on the bike track.
    • The Municipal Police Department will introduce traffic signs in the city and how to cross the road safely.
    • The Preventive Ambulance Safety Point will provide an overview of first aid procedures. An ambulance car will be present.
    • The Velomarket bicycle maintenance workshop includes a comprehensive theoretical lesson: learning general information about different wheels, introducing tools, different oils and accessories. When you leave, you are sure to be smarter and know how to take better care of your bike!


Mustamäe Public Youth Center – MANK (Ehitajate tee 82)

  • 25-29 April: school holiday children’s camp. Price: 54 euros The programme: Visitations to Skypark, spa, cinema and Lasergame and a robotics workshop at TalTech. Additional information and registration: +372 5326 8714, julia@mank.ee
  • In addition to the paid city camp, MANK is open to young people aged 7 to 26 completely free on weekdays from 12pm to 6pm. There will be plenty to do for everyone. The Youth Centre organises exciting events, programs, projects, camps, trainings and a lot more interesting things. MANK has a courtyard where the Mustamäe community garden and a renovated basketball court are located.

You can play table tennis and hockey, air hockey, billiards, PlayStation, VR, Xbox and board games (there are as many as 63 of them!).

We provide youth with access to a computer class, a renovated and well-equipped kitchen and a large hall with mirrors (for sports and dance classes). A modern cinema system in the big screening room makes it possible to host movie nights. MANK has a band room where young people can learn guitar, drums and piano with an instructor and have band practice.
Get smarter while playing at Kaja Culture Centre.


Cultural Centre KAJA (E. Vilde tee 118): school holiday camp ’Get smarter while playing’

25-28 April from 10am to 4pm, price 80 euros.

Children aged 9 to 13 who want to spend their school holidays in an interesting and meaningful way are welcome to take part in the city camp. During the 4-day city camp you’ll gain new knowledge and skills with cool instructors, take part in exciting activities, find new friends and spend your school holidays in an interesting way.

The aim of the camp is to share lessons and tips for making necessary decisions in life through fun and strategic board games. The camp helps children find their strengths and talents, but also offers knowledge about entrepreneurship and opportunities for earning pocket money.

The city camp includes various activities with instructors and fun activities both inside and outside Kaja. We will get meet some student firms and visit the Kännukuke Library Innovation Laboratory. A warm lunch and fruit breaks are planned for every day.

The head of the city camp is a passionate board game enthusiast Kaie Palumets from the NGO Knowledgeable Youth (www.teadliknoor.ee).

Additional information and registration: info@kajakeskus.ee or phone 5388 6330


Children's Museum Miiamilla: ’Fart Stories’, a series of fun and educational workshops on behaviour and manners

’Fart Stories’ is a series of Miiamilla school holiday workshops, where manners, taboos and courtesy rules are discussed. While the subject is serious, we will be exploring it through the prism of humour, which is why the title of the series is ’Fart Stories’. Children aged 6 to 10 are welcome at the workshops to learn how to take care of themselves through funny experiences while learning interesting and useful facts.

  • Wednesday 27 April at 2pm ’Fart Under the Table’.

What to do with different cutlery, what is a napkin and how to leave secret messages to the chef. There will also be a discussion about how much air we swallow when we eat and what foods cause grumbling in the stomach. At the end of the workshop, all participants can show their good manners at a joint pancake dinner party. The workshop is organised in cooperation with mini-pancake café KOOKER.

  • Thursday 28 April at 2pm, ’Is a Fart Contagious?’ (for children aged 6 to 10)

Flatulence is a sign of a healthy person, but what happens if you don’t fart? We’ll study the speed and sound of animal and human flatulence. What animal defends their home with a loud fart? We’ll talk about the journey of the air in our bodies and find out what kind of air is contagious, odourless or suffocating. We’ll do an experiment where we pull a match and measure the flight of germs. In cooperation with Suukool, we’ll defeat Karius and Bactus!

Price: 6 euros per child (60 min, includes workshop materials and the museum visitation fee)

Workshop registration: +372 601 7057 or mm@linnamuuseum.ee


Kiek in de Kök Fortification Museum

  • 26 April at 3pm playful introduction of the exhibition ’Urban Animal. Cow, Bedbug and Dragon’. Followed by a workshop for drawing comics inspired by the exhibition, supervised by artist Karl-Erik Talvet (in Estonian)
  • 27 April at 3pm ’Underground Stories’ – the Bastion passages are full of stories and legends. Is it possible to reach Pirita via the mysterious underground passage? (in Estonian); at 15:00 playful introduction of the exhibition ’Urban Animal. Cow, Bedbug and Dragon’. Followed by a board games workshop in Russian.
  • 28 April at 3pm ’Underground Stories’ (in Russian).

Participation fee with the museum ticket included is 5 euros.


Põhja-Tallinn District events

24 April from 3pm to 5pm opening of Santa Maria playground boat at Stroomi Beach Park

25-29 April from 10am to 4pm city camp ’Life Is A Flower’ Põhja-Tallinn Youth Centre (Kopli 98). Additional information and registration: info@ptnk.ee or phone +372 653 1447 (participation fee €63)

25 April from 4pm to 5:30pm Fortnite game night, Põhja-Tallinn Youth Centre (Kopli 98), additional information and registration: info@ptnk.ee or phone +372 653 1447

25 April from 5pm to 6pm Lego Masters, Põhja-Tallinn Youth Centre (Kopli 98). Additional information and registration: info@ptnk.ee or phone +372 653 1447 https://ptnk.ee/lego-meistrid

26 April at 3pm Jazzkaar urban space project, SA Autistika (Alasi tn. 4)

26 April from 6pm to 8pm Music Club, Põhja-Tallinn Youth Centre (Kopli 98). The music club meeting will take place in the band room of the youth centre. Additional information and registration: dmitri.shpak@outlook.com

26 April from 5pm to 6:30pm Board Game Night, Põhja-Tallinn Youth Centre (Kopli 98). Additional information and registration: info@ptnk.ee or phone +372 653 1447

27 April at 1pm Jazzkaar urban space project, Põhja-Tallinn Social Centre (Sõle 61a)

27 April at 5pm Jazzkaar urban space project, Põhja-Tallinn Community House courtyard (Kari 13 outdoor stage)

27 April from 5pm to 6:30pm Dance Club, Põhja-Tallinn Youth Centre (Kopli 98), the dance club is organised by Belén, an external volunteer. Additional information and registration: info@ptnk.ee or phone +372 653 1447

27-29 April from 1pm to 3pm School holiday workshops for schoolchildren, Kalamaja Museum (Kotzebue 16). Ticket €5. Afterwards, kids can play in the museum's living room.

28 April from 1pm to 2pm Crafting floral decorations, Põhja-Tallinn Youth Centre (Kopli 98). Additional information and registration: info@ptnk.ee or phone +372 653 1447

28 April from 3pm to 5pm YFU volunteers workshop, Põhja-Tallinn Youth Centre (Kopli 98). Additional information and registration: info@ptnk.ee or phone +372 653 1447

29 April from 5pm to 6pm Muffin Night, Põhja-Tallinn Youth Centre (Kopli 98). Additional information and registration: info@ptnk.ee or phone +372 653 1447


Haabersti Leisure Centre (Ehitajate tee 109A/2): a surprise day with music

29 April at 1:30pm the band HÜÜP of the Viljandi Culture Academy will offer a musical concert in the big hall. The concert is free and anyone who is interested is welcome to listen and watch.

More info and events on Noorteinfo Facebook page