World Summit on Digital Built Environment, WDBE 2020, 29-30 September, virtual Helsinki & Tallinn

The world needs more diverse stories about a sustainable future. World Summit on Digital Built Environment gives us a story told through our colorful ecosystem of future builders. By redefining the concept of a summit we promise you an access to virtual experience, co-created festival and innovation platform highlighting the brightest minds and digital solutions improving our urban future. To concretize the unlimited possibilities of digitalization as an enabler of a more socially, culturally, ecologically and economically sustainable urban future, we will create an illusion of a future metropol to be experienced together.

The WDBE community – who will be attending?

WDBE brings together professionals of the digital built environment from the public, and private sector globally. Anyone who shares the enthusiasm to experience, share and co-create our urban future is warmly invited. Together we can push already existing solutions even further to unleash the positive power of digitalisation. 

The WDBE event community consists mainly of CDOsCTOsCIOsexperts and researchers working with BIM, VDC, AR/VR, Big Data, analytics, IOT solutions and virtual project delivery to name a few examples.

You will also be able to meet many Vice PresidentsDirectorsCEOsManagers, other senior level experts as well as city and government authorities interested in various solutions of digital built environment.

DAY 2 – 30th September

Welcoming show Tallinn
Matchmaking, showroom & lounge

THEME 3: Redefining sustainable role of technology
KEYNOTE 5: Peter Vesterbacka, FINEST Bay Area
KEYNOTE 6: Kathrin Dörfler, TU Munich
Shared discussion and Q&A
Partner and Community Sessions (choose one)

Session 5: Redifining technology adoption
Session 6: Redifining digital infrastructure

THEME 4: Redefining sustainable construction and lifecycle
KEYNOTE 7: Prof. Martin Fischer,  Stanford University, CIFE
KEYNOTE 8: Prof. Olli Seppänen, Aalto University
Shared discussion and Q&A
Partner and Community Sessions

Session 7: Redefining digital construction
Session 8: Redefining digital lifecycle

Closing words and after party

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Organized in collaboration by: KIRAHub, FINNISH ASSOCIATION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS, RIL, Republic of Estonia Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonian Digital Construction Cluster

Source: https://kirahub.org/en/wdbe2020/