You can now pay for your parking in Tallinn with VISA and MasterCard

Good news for tourists and guests visiting Tallinn by car! You can now park and pay as you go with your VISA or MasterCard on the PARGI.EE app.

How to pay for parking?

  • Download and install mobile app PARGI.EE on your phone. The application is available for both iOS and Android.
  • The application will request permission to access your location to display the relevant parking zones. 
  • The app will then continue to make a quick phone call to identify your phone number, followed by request to set up your bank card payment method. 
  • When entering the payment information, you are asked to perform a secure 3DS authentication in your home bank (you will be redirected to the webpage of your bank where you must log in for authentication). Secure authentication is required only once when setting up the payment (or if the app is reinstalled).
  • Your app is now ready to use. 
The app only accepts MasterCard and VISA payments. 
PARGI.EE is available in eight different languages: Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, German and French.