All public playgrounds and sports grounds closed in Tallinn

Tallinn City Government decided that all public playgrounds and sports grounds shall be closed starting from Tuesday, March 24.

In order to curb the risk of COVID-19 spread, access to public playgrounds and sport grounds in Tallinn will be restricted.

„Although at this point, the spread and the consequences of the virus may not apparent for everyone, we consider restricting access to public play areas and sporting grounds necessary. We understand that while children are at home, they need to find something to do, but bearing in mind how many people we have seen using playgrounds and sport grounds during the past couple of days, we consider the risk of further spread of COVID-19 high in the mentioned places.

It is up to all of us to limit the spread of the virus. In the current situation, the measures of staying home and distancing yourself socially are of upmost importance even if the weather is nice and welcoming. One should also try to keep from direct contact with surfaces touched by others. We understand that the restrictions are uncomfortable, but we hope that the parents understand the reason behind it, this step contributes to keeping children healthy,“ said the Mayor Mr Mihhail Kõlvart.

According to the information given by the Health Board, novel coronavirus spreads as a droplet infection and may also be transmitted through contact with contaminated surfaces (for example, when touching your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands afterwards). Many people use play areas and sports grounds, disinfecting the premises is not effective and in these places children are often in direct contact.

There are close to 300 public playgrounds and sporting grounds in Tallinn.

For more information on the measures taken due to the spread of COVID-19 check our designated webpage HERE.