e-Estoniax.com showcases what Estonian technology firms have to offer the world

“Estonia has developed a reputation as a source of information and communication technology solutions, but in order to allow interested parties from around the world to find out more about our IT firms, products, and services, there needs to be better presentation than there has been until now,” explains Estonian ICT cluster manager, Doris Põld, on the history behind the launch of e-Estoniax.com.

e-Estoniax.com is intended to allow every technology firm to showcase its company, services, products, and export history. The Estonian ICT cluster’s goal is to create a tool that facilitates the international marketing of Estonian IT firms’ solutions and experience. “And not only in the context of e-government solutions, but also in all other areas where Estonian IT firms have very high competence,” adds Põld. “We are looking for input from enthusiastic contributors to introduce our IT solutions to the rest of the world.”

So far, about 30 companies have taken advantage of this opportunity, and Estonian-developed IT solutions can already be found in 30 countries, which can be found on the website’s interactive globe. This is a constantly expanding online environment that aims to bring together in one place the largest concentration of Estonian IT competences possible. e-Estoniax.com is a good tool for everyone who needs to introduce Estonian companies or present concrete Estonian IT competences in different situations.

The website’s development is supported with resources from the EU’s European Regional Development Fund under the “Estonian ICT Cluster” project.

Web link: https://e-estoniax.com/


Source: ICT Cluster