Digital solutions grant for small enterprises

The application period for grants is open.

Before submitting your grant application, please contact the business consultants of the Tallinn City Enterprise Department. A prior consultation is intended to inform you of the conditions to be met by an enterprise applying for a grant and the ways to better prepare an application.

Procedure for awarding digital solutions grants for small enterprises

The objective of the digital solutions grant for small enterprises is to make it easier for Tallinn-based small enterprises to adopt the necessary digital solutions in order to improve the efficacy of their production and service provision activities and consistently increase their competitiveness. The digital solutions grant for small enterprises is considered de minimis aid and is awarded by the Tallinn City Enterprise Department in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1407/2013 and § 33 of the Competition Act.
For further information on de minimis aid, please visit the website of the Ministry of Finance at
You can check the balance of de minimis aid granted to your enterprise in the Register of State Aid and de Minimis Aid.

  • Where to start

    Applications are submitted via the self-service environment of the Tallinn Project and Operating Support Information System (TTR).
    Please note! After logging in to the self-service environment with your ID card, please select Operating Support (not Project Support) from the upper menu bar.

    Only companies whose registered address in the Estonian Commercial Register is in Tallinn and who meet the following essential conditions are eligible for the grant:

    • the applicant has been operating for at least one financial year and submitted at least one annual report to the Commercial Register
    • according to the Tax and Customs Board, the applicant’s turnover for the last 12 months falls between EUR 20,000 and EUR 400,000
    • based on the data published in the national register, the applicant’s number of full-time employees during the last six months is at least one
    • the applicant does not have any tax arrears, incl. local tax arrears
    • the following areas of activity do not comprise more than 50% of the sales revenue indicated in the applicant’s last annual report submitted to the Commercial Register:
      agriculture, forestry and fishingproduction of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products
      brokerage, wholesale and retail trade, excl. maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles. Brokerage is an activity performed by dealers, brokers and other traders who bring together parties to the provision of a service or transaction or organise business transactions on behalf of another party and receive income from that activity via an online environment
      financial and insurance activities
      real estate activities
      legal and accounting activities
      activities of head offices and management consultancy
      advertising and market research
      rental and operating leases and rental of temporary labour force
      organisation of gambling and betting activities

    The grant is awarded for the acquisition or development of a digital solution previously not in use in the enterprise and in the amount of up to EUR 6000 per applicant each calendar year. A digital solution may be, for instance, a new staff management and marketing software, storage management system, solution for an online store or reservation system to be acquired. The maximum rate of the grant is 70% of the eligible expenses actually incurred.

    The applicant can apply for the grant to be disbursed in one or two payments, but only after they have incurred the eligible expenses established for the relevant project.
    Eligible expenses

    • a new software licence to be acquired or monthly payments for a software as a service (SaaS) for a period of up to 12 months
    • expenses for the development of an individual digital solution tailored to the needs of the enterprise
    • one-off installation and training expenses for the digital solution acquired

    Expenses are eligible only if they are reasonable, justified and necessary for the attainment of the objectives set.

    Only the expenses incurred between submission of the application and the end date of the project are eligible. The project may be implemented in up to 12 months.

    Input VAT is not an eligible expense.

    The grant must result in the following changes in the enterprise:

    • faster and easier access to a product and/or service for customers
    • better planning opportunities for decision-making in customer care and production and/or service provision
    • quicker production and/or delivery and lower cost price of a product or service. More precise planning of production time and materials, fewer working hours spent on providing a service and/or producing a production unit
    • better quality of a product and/or service and higher value added of a product and/or service

    The following additional documents must be submitted with the application:

    • Project Action Plan, in which the applicant gives an overview of the current situation in the enterprise and describes the adoption of and/or the objective of the development of a digital solution, planned activities, a timetable for the activities and expected results. Project Action Plan
    • three independent and comparable quotations for the eligible items to be acquired that are indicated in the project budget if the price of a quotation excluding VAT is equal to or more than EUR 5000
    • terms of reference for the development of a digital solution if the purpose of applying for the grant is to develop a digital solution


    Processing of applications

    During the first phase of the processing of applications, the applications are assessed for conformity (eligibility of expenses and compliance with the conditions set out for the application and applicant) and possible shortcomings are identified (e.g. the applicant does not comply with the procedure, expenses are not eligible or the applicant has tax arrears). If the applicant fails to remedy any shortcomings or does not submit the requested additional information on time, a decision declaring the non-conformity of the application is adopted.

    A decision declaring the conformity or non-conformity of an application is adopted by a decree of the Head of the Tallinn City Enterprise Department within 30 days of receipt of the application. The decision is sent to the applicant by e-mail via the self-service environment of TTR.

    The basis of the disbursement of the grant is an interim and/or final report, which must be submitted in the self-service environment of TTR within 60 calendar days of the end date of the project.

    The following documents must be submitted with the interim and/or final report:

    • documents evidencing that the eligible expenses were incurred and paid (invoices and payment orders)
    • a description in the interim and/or final report of the attainment of the objectives of the adoption of a digital solution, activities performed, their timetable and results achieved

    The Tallinn City Enterprise Department will review the expense report, and interim and/or final reports that have been checked and comply with the procedure are approved by the Head of the Tallinn City Enterprise Department. The amount of the grant to be disbursed depends on the application, the decision declaring conformity of the application and the documents enclosed with the expense report that prove that eligible expenses were incurred. The grant will be transferred to the bank account of the recipient of the grant within 21 calendar days of approval of the expense report.

    Project Action Plan form to be submitted with the grant application (word.doc)

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