Seminar "Creating Cities of the Future with the Help of Technological Innovation" at Dubai EXPO 2020

On the 10th January, at the EXPO 2020 Estonian Pavilion, Tallinn and Tartu organised a successful business seminar aimed at smartcity solutions and presented the best examples of collaboration between cities and entrepreneurs.

The conversations evolved around making future cities more sustainable and making smarter decisions using data.

In the first panel, Andre Visse from Telia pointed out that in the future all decisions in the city, either on infrastructure investments, services or transportation, are all backed on real data. We already have the data avaliable, so the change needs to come from the mindset.

Aimo Kõva from Datel sees the future in seamless solutions - that people can get anywhere seamlessly & without much effort.

Silver Sova from Mobi Lab agreed that there is often too much new data out there, that needs to be delivered to residents or visitors of the city more easily and not make them search for the information.

The second panel focused on mobility and brought out some good case-studies in the means of collaboration.

Mari-Ly Klaats from Auve Tech sees Estonia in general as a fast adopter and estonian authorities being the frontrunners, who want the service yesterday to be delivered tomorrow.

Gerttu Pilsas gave an example from collaboration with the Smart City Tartu, where Positium helped to restructure the city's bus network with one of the input datasets being mobile positioning data to know how people are commuting inside the city.

Julia Mähonen from EyeVi Technologies aknowledges that they use different technologies and collect different data based on every clients need. The key is that collected data is percise and high quality.

Kevin Tammearu highlighted working with one of Estonia's mobilty unicorns Bolt, who is developing autononous vehicle together with University of Tartu, for whom Bercman Technologies is providing radar information on roundabouts for AVs moving more swiftly.

Rewatch the seminar here: https://youtu.be/jvIf0Upmb5o


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