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Physical environments play an important role in the development of clusters. They promote the concentration of companies that share similar economic interests into one area and, by providing support services, also further mutual cooperation among the companies. There are 2 main business districts in Tallinn for knowledge base companies, one was established by the public sector (Tehnopol) and the other at the initiative of the private sector (Technopolis).

Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol

where start-ups and growing technology companies operate. The Tallinn University of Technology and the IT College are located in the vicinity of Tehnopol, which is focused on information and communications, environmental and health technologies.

Tehnopol in numbers:

  • 50,000 m² of leasable office and lab space
  • 200 companies operating in the park;
  • 35 startup companies annually in the Start-up Incubator;
  • 3,400 employees in the companies;
  • 14,000 students and 1,300 researchers in the immediate vicinity

In 2012, the Tehnopol’s Mechatronics Innovation Centre was established. at Tehnopol. This is a top centre for electronics and mechanics companies, which is unique in Europe. It features a flexible manufacturing system, which assists in the production of world-class high-tech products for the space, aviation and auto industries. Companies can utilize the system to develop new products or create prototypes.

Smart City 2.0, Technopol’s smart campus project started up in 2014. This will assemble 40 companies that are developing smart city solutions, who will start testing their products at the science park.

  • Tehnopol is a member of the Smart e- and m-city solutions cluster (Smart City Lab,

The following operate in Tehnopol:

  • Innovative Manufacturing Engineering Systems Competence Centre;
  • Estonian Cell Therapy Cluster;
  • Estonian Connected Health Cluster;
  • Competence Centre for Cancer Research;
  • Competence Centre of Food and Fermentation Technologies.

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Ülemiste City – Smart City

Ülemiste City is a modern district created on the territory of the former Dvigatel factory in the immediate vicinity of Tallinn Airport, where a large number of innovated companies are located. The goal of the development is establish the largest knowledge-based business centre in the Baltic countries on the 36-hectare of Ülemiste City.

The development of the campus started in 2005. To date, a well-functioning economic structure has been created. At the end of 2013, there was more than 81000 m² of modern office space, as well as about 120,000 m² of manufacturing and warehousing space. Approximately 200 companies with 6,000 employees operate on the campus.

Ülemiste City`s advantage is its good location. The campus is located in the immediate vicinity of Tartu and Peterburi highways, two large traffic arteries leading into Tallinn. It is 700 metres from Tallinn Airport, 300 metres from the Ülemiste train station, and only a ten-minute ride from the centre of Tallinn. Public transportation connects Ülemiste City with many of Tallinn’s districts.

Value is added to the campus by the presence of the Mainor Business School, Kalli-Kalli Kindergarten, the European School, eateries, a bicycle parking lot, a park, the large shopping centres in the vicinity, park, and much more. Approximately 2,000 cars can be accommodated in the parking lots.

Ülemiste City is a unique and inspiring environment that promotes creativity and impulsiveness. To honour Estonia’s scientific history, all the new or renovated buildings on the campus are named after our great scientific figures. For example, there are buildings named after Ludvig Puusepp, Walter Zapp, Ragnar Nurkse, Ustus Agur, Artur Lind, Johannes Käis and Boris Tamm in Ülemiste City.

A third of the campus is being developed by Technopolis Ülemiste AS, of which 51% belongs to the publicly-traded Finnish company called Technopolis Plc, which provides commercial real estate and support services. Two-thirds of the campus is being developed by Mainor Ülemiste AS.

The following operate in Ülemiste City:3d kaardilev3

  • ICT Cluster.

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Last updated: 27.05.2019