Digital Construction Cluster

Cluster overview:

The Digital Construction ClusteDigitaalehituse-klaster-2.pngr focuses on the value chain of the entire construction lifespan – from design to utilisation. Strategically the objective is to develop an innovative digital construction environment that includes the entire construction lifecycle, along with new VDCM products, Grid and e-construction portal, and thereby significantly increase the sales revenues and international competitiveness of the cluster partners.

The cluster is focused on the development of knowledge-based construction, whereby the common goal of the construction sector would be to increase added value; with the technical equivalent being resources, incl. the reduction of energy costs per unit of production.

Based thereon, the specific goals include:

  • the development of the market for intelligent construction solutions;
  • the greater digitalisation and automation of construction activities.

Looking for:

The Digital Construction Cluster welcomes all offers of cooperation that will help to enliven cooperation between Estonian companies involved with the construction lifespan and to internationalise it.

Competence fields:

The cluster is mainly focused on:

the analysis and systematisation of the best experiences in the digital construction field;

the development, description and marketing of new VDCM products;

the development and description for the e-construction portal, and Grid structure, as well as all the parts of the construction lifecycle, incl. creating prototypes for a digital construction information exchange environment in order to manage the construction lifespan.

Cluster members:

The initiators and implementers of the Digital Construction Cluster are 27 organisations in the field: 24 companies, two research institutions (Tallinn University of Applied Sciences, Tallinn University of Technology) and one local government (Väätsa Rural Municipality Government).

Cluster Management Excellence: Bronze Label


Indrek Vimberg

Cluster Manager

+372 53628263

Last updated: 01.07.2019