TalTech Digital Health Hackathon winner is the child development app KidSmile

The 4th annual Digital Health Hackathon took place on 5-6 December. In total, 6 teams were formed on day 1 who were challenged to work on various digital health solutions, ranging from voice recognition apps to new methods for distributing pharmaceuticals.

The winning team KidSmile was chosen by an expert jury who liked the idea of an app that can guide parents in monitoring their child’s early development. One of the founding members of KidSmile and a physiotherapist at the North Estonia Rehabilitation Center Anneli Lebert described her experience: “The hackathon was a brilliant challenge. We had only 48 hours to use all our prior knowledge and experience to come up with a digital solution to an existing health care problem.” Lebert mentioned that having inspirational speakers and professional coaching gave the event additional value. The teams received plenty of constructive feedback and were encouraged to think outside the box.

According to the Estonian Connected Health Cluster manager Piret Hirv, the hackathon proved that the future of healthcare is bright. The Connected Health Cluster is the largest health tech community in Estonia and is happy to provide support for various digital health start-ups in Estonia, including ideas coming out of the hackathon. “The winners KidSmile received the prize of becoming the official member of the Connected Health cluster. They will now continue with their idea and get thorough coaching from various digital health experts. KidSmile will also get the opportunity to present their idea at an international conference”, said Hirv.

Other collaboration partners like NOVE law firm gave out special prizes, such as free medical law counselling to Brimedy whose idea is to sell essential pharmaceuticals in vending machines.  Another special prize went to voice recognition app HealthVoice who received 500€ and the opportunity to pilot their idea at the Ülemiste City.

All hackathon participants received various guidance from healthcare and technology experts, among whom were specialists from TalTech Health Care Technology program as well as mentors from organisations such as the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Estonian Connected Health Cluster, Ülemiste City, NOVE law firm, Helmes, the Estonian Health Economy Association, Viveo Health and Fundwise.

Digital Health Hackathon teams:


KidSmile is a mobile app that aims to help parents monitor their child’s motor and verbal skill development. All information and guidelines provided within the app is based on scientific evidence, making it a trustworthy support tool in raising your child.


The goal of VocDec is to diagnose autism based on baby’s crying patterns. Prior studies have shown that there is difference in the cry of autistic babies when compared to others. Hence, this technology could help early diagnosis and treatment for autistic children and thus improve health outcomes. 


HealthVoice is a software that offers an automatic voice recognition tool for dentists. This way, healthcare professionals can avoid entering data manually and can increase their work efficiency through automatization.


Brimedy is a solution that guarantees 24/7 access to essential pharmaceuticals, combined with the possibility to consult with a pharmacist. Through combining the idea behind vending machines and online stores, Brimedy offers an innovative alternative to conventional pharmacies.


E-pregnancy card improves the lives of both patients and healthcare workers through facilitating the ease of monitoring and recording pregnancies. The solution is aimed at fast data exchange between various healthcare institution in order to provide the best possible care to pregnant women.


According to the United States Loneliness Index 2018, approximately half of all Americans feel lonely. HiSun creates a gamified user experience that will help you feel less lonely and more aware on how to shift your moods and emotions throughout the day.

Source: Estonian HealthTech Cluster