Airspace is busier than ever: air vehicles are set to become more autonomous connected. How to respond?

Estonian clusters conducted their monthly Clustering Club organized by Tallinn City Enterprise Department at the premises of Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS)/Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS just a week ago. We were hosted by Management Board members: Chairman Ivar Vark, Head of CNS/ATM Jaanus Jakimenko, who lead a presentation and Head of ATS Üllar Salumäe. It was great atmosphere, extremely grateful for your support

Tallinn City Enterprise Department has been organizing Clustering Club to facilitate the interaction between the local stakeholders and clusters already since 2012. It was great to see you FinanceEstonia, Estonian ICT Cluster, Defence Estonia Cluster, Digital Construction Cluster, Estonian Connected Health Cluster, ITL Estonia, Neway, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We owe Jaanus Vahesalu a debt of gratitude for all you have done for us

📷 Eveli Paalberg
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