1192 candidates are running for Tallinn City Council

Eight political parties, two electoral alliances and ten independent candidates have submitted their candidacy documents to the electoral committee for the Tallinn City Council elections.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Tallinn Electoral Committee accepted the documents of all political parties, electoral alliances and independent candidates who wish to participate in the upcoming local government elections in Tallinn. A total of 1,192 candidates will run for the next composition of the Tallinn City Council to be elected on October 17.

According to the chairman of the Tallinn Electoral Committee, City Secretary Priit Lello, the submission of candidacy documents is a symbolic moment in the local government elections, as the precondition for participating in the elections is the submission of candidacy documents and ranking of candidates.

"Voters will now know who want to get involved in shaping local life through politics over the next four years, and will be able to decide who to vote for. The voters can make their choice on October 17," said Priit Lello. "Political parties and candidates have done a good job in preparing the application documents. The electoral committee team has been supportive of all participants to ensure that the registration process is as smooth as possible. I am pleased to say that everything has gone well and would like to thank all political parties, electoral alliances, candidates and the National Electoral Service for cooperation.”

Submission of candidates for registration ended 40 days before election day, on Tuesday, September 7, at 6 pm. The new City Council will comprise of 79 members, elected from eight constituencies. Each district of Tallinn forms one constituency.

The Estonian Center Party registered with a total of 338 candidates, the Estonian Conservative People's Party with a total of 121 candidates, the Estonian Reform Party with a total of 98 candidates, the Estonian Party of the Future with 4 candidates, Eesti 200 with 104 candidates, the Estonian Green Party with a total of 94 candidates, the Isamaa Party with a total of 265, and the Social Democratic Party with a total of 115 candidates.

There are 19 candidates in the list of the Vaba Eesti Electoral Alliance submitted for registration and 24 candidates in the list of the Narodnyi Sojuz Electoral Alliance. Ten independent candidates have been submitted for registration.

The electoral committee will assign each candidate a registration number on Friday of this week. Registration numbers start at 101 and are given to candidates by list of political parties and electoral alliances, independent candidates receive numbers after the lists of political parties and electoral alliances. The order of the numbers is determined by lot.

Drawing lots is a public procedure that will be carried out on Friday, September 10 at 10 am in the press hall of Tallinn City Office (Vabaduse väljak 7), it can also be watched via webcast.