All residents of Tallinn whose address in the population register only features their city district must register their precise place of residence within 2018. Otherwise, the residence data of those people will be left blank and they may lose local services linked to their place of residence (such as free public transport and kindergarten places) and state services (such as the extension of their driver’s licence). 

  • This change concerns people who have not updated their residence data after moving when the owner of their previous apartment or house has asked to deregister them. This is why a person’s place of residence in Tallinn has been registered only as their city district, e.g. Kristiine district, Tallinn. 
  • Due to the requests of the dwelling owners, the place of residence of 18,000 people has been registered with the accuracy of the city district. 
  • This change arises from the new Population Register Act, which enters into force in January 2019. 



Updating your residence data is easy. It can be done in the State Portal, or by sending a notice of residence to the city district government by regular mail or by e-mail with a digital signature. Residence data can also be updated at the city district government of your residence, at the Tallinn City Office Service Bureau, or at the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department. 

  • The current Population Register Act also states that each person shall ensure their own and their children’s correct residence data in the population register. 
  • If a person cannot submit their residence data with the notice of residence on their own (e.g. there is no lease agreement, or the dwelling owner does not agree to it), then the person can turn to the district administration for assistance.