Frequently asked questions

1. Is it possible that my residence data will be deleted in 2019? 

As at January 2019, the residence data of the people who have not updated their data in the population register as they have changed their place of residence and the owner of their previous dwelling has asked the local administration to deregister the person from their address will be deleted. The address of such people is noted in the population register with the accuracy of the city district (no street name and house or apartment number) until 31 December 2018, but will be deleted from the population register in January 2019 due to amendments to the Population Register Act. 


2. How can I check my residence data in the population register? 

The easiest way is to view your residence data is in the State Portal log in with an ID-card, Digi-ID, mobile-ID, or through your bank and the information is available to you on the home page. 

The second option is to send a query to the official who makes entries in the population register. Their appointment times are available on the right side of this page. 


3. Why is it necessary to maintain the accuracy of the information in the population register? 

Many services of the city of Tallinn are linked to a person’s place of residence. This includes the right for free public transportation for people who are registered as residents of Tallinn in the population register. The municipal kindergartens of Tallinn accept a child when the child’s and their parent’s or parents’ place of residence is Tallinn in the population residence. Childbirth allowance is paid under the condition that the child and their parents or a single parent have continuously lived in Tallinn from the child’s birth until the child becomes one year old. A person whose place of residence is left blank cannot have free bus or tram rides and may lose childbirth allowance or a place in the kindergarten queue. Please see a list of services related to one’s place of residence here. 


4. How can I register my place of residence? 

To register one’s place of residence, you can submit a notice of residence: 

2) by regular mail to the city district government of your residence or by e-mail with a digital signature; 

3) at the State Portal (log in with an ID-card, Digi-ID, or mobile-ID or through the bank) by clicking on Registering residence or by moving through the e-services section by choosing For a citizen -> Housing -> Submitting a notice of residence 


5. Which documents are necessary for registering a place of residence? 

You need to submit: 

a filled notice of residence (est); 

a copy of an identity document’s page with your personal data if you are submitting paper documents by regular mail; 

if you are not the owner of the residential rooms, then a copy of the document verifying your right to use the rooms (e.g. lease agreement) or consent of the owner of the residential rooms (signature on the notice of residence or consent in the form of a separate document) must be included with the notice of residence; 

when submitting information about rooms that are subject to co-ownership, then the consent of all co-owners or their representatives is necessary for submitting the data on residence. If the owners of the room have signed a co-ownership agreement, then the document verifying this agreement is submitted with the notice of residence instead of the consent of the co-owners; 

when registering a minor child, a signed consent of the second parent holding custody whether as a separate document or as part of the notice form; 

document verifying being a crew member if the place of residence is a ship entered in the Estonian ship register and its home port. 

Please note that when the notice of residence is submitted by e-mail or at the State Portal, then all necessary consents carry a digital signature. 


6. How long does it take to register a place of residence? 

The law states a processing period of up to ten working days as of the receipt of the notice of residence. Submitting a notice of residence through the State Portal does not mean that the applicant’s place of residence changes automatically, but it is delivered to an official after the provision of all necessary digital signatures. The processing procedure of your notice of residence can be monitored at the State Portal 

If there is no queue, then registering a place of residence in person only takes about 15 minutes. 


7. I encountered a problem when submitting my notice of residence. Where can I get help? 

If necessary, please feel free to turn to the city district government of your residence. More detailed contacts of the registry officials are available at Tallinn’s services map Changing the residence address in the Population Register. 

Last updated: 19.10.2018