30% fewer cars on the streets of Tallinn

The traffic load in Tallinn has lessened by a third compared to the numbers of last year's March and April.

According to Deputy Mayor Andrei Novikov, the number of passengers in public transport dropped significantly in the early weeks of the emergency situation, but has now stabilized and showing a minimal growth trend.

"Despite the additional disinfection measures of public transport put in place, I urge all Tallinners to prefer personal means of transport - a car or a bicycle for example," said Novikov. The Deputy Mayor added that regardless of the introduction of free public transport for all, the number of passengers on public transport routes has fallen by an average of 80 percent.

Compared to last week, the number of passangers has increased on seven routes: 15, 18, 18A, 30, 51, 55 and 73 and decreased on four routes: 53, 66, 67 and 68. According to the Novikov, the city can regulate occupancy by using articulated buses instead of rigid buses. KT6 type trams are also used instead of KT4 trams. Tallinn monitors the situation and is ready to increase the capacity on the necessary routes if the situation requires.

Tallinn's measures for managing the coronavirus crisis can be found here: https://www.tallinn.ee/Tallinn-s-measures-for-containing-coronavirus