Tallinn Free Public Transport Expanded to Trains

Tallinn city and rail service company Elron have signed an agreement by which, as of October 28th, the city covers the costs of train rides for the citizens of Tallinn within the city limits.

The right to ride free on trains is given to registered citizens of Tallinn who submit their Ühiskaart along with their ID on demand. Free ride is granted on westbound trains (route Tallinn-Laagri) and eastbound trains (Tallinn-Vesse).

When entering a train, riders are obligated to present their Ühiskaart and tell the cabin attendant their destination. The cabin attendant then validates the trip with a ticket sales device. In case the trip extends the city limits Tallinn only covers the costs of train ride within the city zone.

As Vice Major Taavi Aas puts it, the main purpose of the agreement is to improve the living environment and the quality of life of Tallinners by integrating different types of public transportation. ’It is not reasonable to have parallel bus and train lines competing with each other,’ said Taavi Aas. As observed so far, many train riders changed for buses on the city border, which in turn caused the need to increase the capacity of bus lines. The optimal use of train lines within Tallinn enables better organisation of resources.

’Elron attaches great importance to the bus and train transportation being an integral whole all over Estonia,’ said Andrus Ossip, the CEO of Elron. In his mind, such solutions help popularise the use of public transport and create effective alternatives to riding cars.